Enhancement Code Guide

We use the following guides to designate natural, enhanced, synthetic and imitation (manmade) gemstones. It is the practice of Grand Talent to disclose all enhancements to the gems we sell (with the exception of normal cutting and polishing). We also disclose the method of enhancement, if known. This disclosure will appear on the stone’s invoice.

Assembled: Products made of multiple layers or combinations of manufactured and/or natural materials joined together.

Coated: The use of such surface enhancements as lacquering, enameling, inking, foiling or sputtering of films to improve appearance, provide color or add other special effects.

Dyed: The introduction of coloring matter into a gemstone to give it new color, intensify present color or improve color uniformity.

Electroplated: Beads that are electroplated have went through a process where an electric current is used to coat the beads with a shiny metal coating.

Enhanced: This indicates that this type of gemstone is routinely enhanced. Since many enhancements are difficult or impractical to prove definitively, that such enhancement has been done to the particular gemstone material being described. If the particular type of enhancement is known, that enhancement will be stated.

Frosted/Matte: Frosted beads have a velvety or frost-like dull finish, rather than a shiny or refective surface. The effect is achieved by etching or tumbling.

Heated/Burnt: The use of heat to effect desired alteration of color, clarity and/or phenomena.

Imitation: Manmade products, fabricated in such materials as glass, ceramic or plastic designed to imitate or resemble the appearance, but not duplicate the characteristic properties, of a natural gemstone.

Natural: Stones which are not currently known to be enhanced.

Stabilized: The use of a colorless bonding agent (commonly plastic) with a porous gemstone to give it durability and improve appearance.

Synthetic/Manmade: These are manmade materials which have essentially the same optical, physical and chemical properties as a naturally occurring counterpart.

Additional Notes: If you resell gems obtained from us, or any gems for that matter, it is your responsibility to provide all information pertinent to the enhancement of a gemstone at the time of sale. If a stone is manmade, it is the seller's responsibility to disclose that fact. 

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